This is a list of major projects we have implemented in the last 3 years,
directly or as subcontractors:

“IPA – support to human capital development and research”

ID no: EuropeAid/132236/DH/SUP/RS

o LOT 2 - Equipment for gyms, physical learning models and posters for biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics and geography and laboratory equipment for physics, biology and chemistry rooms“

“Capital equipment”

Publication reference: IOP/3-2015/NCE/1

o LOT 3 - Equipment for deep freezing and cooling”

o LOT 6 - Equipment for electrochemical analysis and sampling”

o LOT 7 - Chambers for plants and microorganisms growth in controlled conditions”

Supply of Equipment Necessary for Improving of Conformity Assessment (CA) Services in Republic of Serbia – RE-LAUNCH

Ref. No.: EuropeAid/135592/IH/SUP/RS

Laboratory for Analysis of Evidences Required for Crime Cases Processing

Ref. No.: EuropeAid/135634/IH/SUP/RS

“Improving capacities for training, education and employment of convicted persons and investment in sustainability of humane living conditions in prisons”


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